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We help students (Sec & JC) achieve their desired goals for Physics & Chemistry.
 Building Foundation Skills - This is an often overlooked, but essential part of your learning journey. As an analogy, basketball teams train to improve not by playing game after game, but rather by doing drills in individual skills, e.g. dribbling / passing / shooting. Similarly for science subjects, just practicing question after question may not be effective if your foundational skills (such as resolution of vectors; understanding sinusoidal functions and so on) are weak. Special effort is made to explain and practice these skills, giving you a proper set of tools to tackle the exams.
Conceptual Frameworks - Organization is essential for retention and retrieval of information. You will be guided to make mind-map form representations of how concepts are interlinked. This helps you visualize the interconnected nature of concepts and are also useful in structuring your written answers for exams.
 Guided Practice - You will be taught how to analyse and solve common question type in a logical step-by-step manner. The repeated practice will help you form good problem-solving habits which you can then apply in your schoolwork and exams. You will also be taught how to structure written answers, focusing on the proper key words to ensure you earn the marks you've worked so hard for.
Course Materials
 Good materials are essential to effective learning. You will benefit from:

Concise notes - Students are often bombarded with information and have difficulty sieving out the most important points. What we have done with our notes is to collate the key ideas that will allow you to easily answer the majority of exam questions.  
Deconstructed difficult exam questions - part of our practice is to show you how to break down seemingly impossible exam questions into easier to manage chunks, and hence teaching you how to approach similar questions in the future.
Exercises organized by difficulty level - Ever feel like exam questions are on a whole new difficulty level compared to example / tutorial questions? Our practice questions are sorted by difficulty level, allowing you to bridge the gap between tutorial and exam, while also building up your confidence in solving problems.
Learning Environment
Our class size is exclusive to 8 students to ensure lessons are effective and students get maximum attention from our tutors.

What students say about us

  1. "Exceeded expectations. Thank you for strengthening my concepts." 

    Yan Xin, JC2 Physics workshop participant

  2. "Mrs Juine Tong is a passionate Chemistry teacher. She strives her very best to make sure her students understand the concepts and the methods to tackle the various exam questions.  She is very patient when teaching and creative in finding ways to help her students in the subject..."
    -Serene Lee, NJC Chemistry Student

  3. "... my understanding in Chem improved compared to trying to understand it on my own..."
    - JJC year 2 chemistry student

  4. "... Under his guidance, I managed to overcome the mental hurdle of failure when doing physics, finally scoring decent grades such as A's and B's for various prelim papers and even past A-Level papers..."
    -Adam Norazhar, MJC physics student 

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Our Tutors

mr Daniel Tong
Mrs Juine Tong
Mr Tong holds a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from NUS and a Master’s degree in science from SMU. He was an engineer in the biopharmaceutical industry.
Mrs Tong holds a Master's Degree and a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from NUS.
She was an analytical chemist in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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Our conducive air-conditioned classroom for students who stay near Hougang, SengKang and Punggol.

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